Well Ethiopia gets a new Prez

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Its finally over after countless speculations of who might be the next president of Ethiopia both houses of parliament have finally elected president elect Dr. Mulatu Teshome [am actually impressed with the speed in which this Wikipedia entry was posted] as president. Mulatu portfolio includes serving as ambassador to Turkey, China and Japan; Vice Minister of Economic Development and Cooperation; Minister of Agriculture; and Speaker of the House of Federation (Ethiopia’s lower house of Parliament). He had a;A Central Committee Member of the OPDO since its second congress in 2001, he was then made to serve as the Speaker of the House of Federation, between 2002 and 2005, disclosed gossip.The news come after widespread speculations across social media and main stream media  of who should be the next president of the republic replacing the elderly Girma Woldegiorgis. A round up of the notable pieces that had captivated us are below:

Reporter, the facebook page Shadow Election Ethiopia and Addis Admas fielded what I can sum up of as who’s who’s of Ethiopia’s elites who could succeed President Girma. 

Fortune said this about the possible heir on Sunday, the day before the election

Capital features an opinion piece by  Kebour Ghenna  where he does not mix his words when it comes to how he sees the incumbent’s modus operandi ‘indifference to public opinion’

The weekly Addis Admas however comes with an interesting interview with one Worku Amare, former president of the Taxi Drivers’ Association   where the outgoing president had helped in easing the burdens taxi drivers faced from a burdensome legislation that threatened their livelihoods. Besides this the outgoing President had supported climate change mitigation, the Patriots’ Association   albeit recent controversies with the Orthodox Church reunification with its exiled wing in the West as well as support for the president of the Patriot’s Association who is under investigation for corruption .



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There is nothing like sitting staring at a PC monitor tryiing to figure out what to write – writer’s block? Maybe in an attempt to be ingenuous I have now started to grow a beard not long but scarecely covering my face. One thought that comes to mind now is whether I Should caffine to induce though or wait for inspiration to strike?

Good god time does fly

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I can’t believe how time flies and how everything seems to change suddenly. A lot has happened in the past months Tilahun Guesses passed away so did Fitawrari Amede Lema and W/o Sinidu. You know it moments like these that make us wish that we could have known or tied to know these people- no doubt with their passing volumes of history has gone as well. It is to their credit that we no hear and read about these legends I wonder how many others still languish in anonymity? That said I would like to dedicate my first entry in several months to a cause so bear with me. Hope to be writing very frequently soon.
“I vote for Global Voices Advocacy, because… (put your own words here).

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